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A new collection from SMITH Jewellery Spring Summer 2018

Shoreline, the latest collection from SMITH Jewellery, has been in the making for over four years. Anna Raimondo, Founder and Creative Director of the Cape Town-based design studio, has dreamt of her ode to the oceans in silver and gold for a while.

It all started on honeymoon, hers in fact. Daily beach walks and soothing ocean swims in the Thai Pacific, conjured up images of silver-dipped starfish, seaweed drenched in gold and sand-textured sea urchins, all glistening on the beach. For the proclaimed water baby, it was only na-tural that this had to be part of a collection.

Having always been drawn to the ocean, Anna’s love for all things marine has been echoed in this new, exclusive jewellery collection. The finest detail of shells and seaweed, collected on the Cape’s beaches, are delicately etched by hand into sterling silver and 22kt gold-plated neck-pieces, rings and earrings. One could almost believe that it is indeed the actual shell that has been dipped in molten metal. Realising that the environmental impact on our oceans are at a critical tipping point too, Anna knew it was time to bring this collection to life. With Shoreline, the wearer can now connect with the ocean everyday, while also bringing their own awareness to the fragility of this natural wonder.

Each piece in the collection is handmade in ethically-sourced materials from South Africa.

Q&A with Anna Raimondo, Founder and Creative Director of SMITH Jewellery


  1. What has inspired this collection? Funnily enough, it was my honeymoon. My husband and I took a diving course and I was totally mesmerised by the underwater life. Since then, I have been been walking a lot around the Cape coastline with my dogs and husband – this is were I found all the pieces of seaweed and shell that inspired this collection.


  1. How long did it take you to create Shoreline? Well, I’ve been dreaming about it for four years. As I gradually found more and more bits by the sea, it took three months to produce.


  1. Which is your favourite piece? I adore the choker in rippled seaweed. It’s very simple, but has the power to elevate any outfit. People always compliment me when I wear it.


  1. How did the name SMITH come about? I was inspired by smithing and craftsmanship, which lead me to the name. Making jewellery by hand, and of course using ethically sourced materials, is one of the core values of my business.


  1. When it comes to jewellery, what are your views on sustainability and the environment? I believe that whatever you do, it’s crucial to consider how you are affecting the environment. I’m very passionate about sustainability and being environmentally conscious. My father is actually an environmental consultant, so these values were instilled in me from very early on. It’s really great to see other jewellery brands embracing this ethic.

About SMITH Jewellery

Established in 2010, SMITH Jewellery is a Cape Town-based jewellery design studio founded by Anna Raimondo. After graduating in Jewellery Design and Gemmology from Stellenbosch University, she enrolled at Richemont Group’s Creative Academy in Milan. An internship at Chloé, the French fashion house, followed soon after.

Designs are inspired by Anna’s travels, people and nature. Each piece is not only unique, but shares the story of discovery. The jewellery is made from a variety of metals including yellow and white gold, sterling silver and platinum, as well as semi-precious stones. SMITH Jewellery also designs a men’s collection, which includes cufflinks, tie pins, lapel pins and rings.

As she enjoys collaborating with clients, a personalisation service is offered. They are invited, together with her, to design their own unique piece.

Available at www.smith-jewellery.com

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