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ARC-Capital: Your global investment partner

ARC Capital was formed in 2016, with the aim of offering competitive returns to both local and international investors. Offering 15-24% returns per annum, we at ARC believe in our balanced and structured approach to trading the financial markets. Our medium to long-term strategies is track record backed to attain our client’s trust.

Having both private and institutional funds as capital in the fund, our approach to fund management is structured on strict money management and well-timed investing based on our own unique trading strategies.

Mainly trading in the currency and indices markets through our own market access platform (ARC-Markets) we can ensure the safety of funds and security in knowing all is managed, from markets access to management of funds we at ARC offer it all under one roof.

Offering four investor types (ARC LITE, ARC SILVER, ARC GOLD & ARC ELITE) ranging from 15 to 24% returns per annum we cater for all investors regardless of your investment experience and funds, we can ensure our investors that there is a secure return at ARC Capital.

Although ARC Capital is a division of ARC Markets, both are fully licensed and regulated by the FSB/FSCA and are consistently reviewed by CTB compliance officers monthly to adhere to risk compliance.

We have a fiduciary pledge to educate and to keep our clientele/ investors well informed as to where and how their funds are put to use to generate returns and at ARC we are completely transparent in all investment related dealings.


Our Director of Local and international Business, Raul Noriega is in charge of new investor acquisitions as well as retail and institutional introductions to our ARC Markets brokerage platforms. With Shaheen Khan and Nicholas Robinson, as the company Directors and Senior Fund Managers and our expanding team, we aim to bring realistic and attainable returns to our investors.

We also offer a brokerage platform for investors to trade themselves if they so wish to choose so.

Recently at ARC, we have added our raw commodities division, where returns on raw commodities sales are given to our investors of whom so wish to invest in this division of the ARC Group, more detailed information will be placed on the ARC website.

Our head office is based in Sandton. Johannesburg, South Africa., on the 9th floor of the Atrium building with a sister office in Cape Town CBD, South Africa with new offices in and around Southern Africa to come.

Product Profile:


Moving into the raw commodities industry with our ARC-Commodities division recently established offering +-30% returns on raw commodities to suitable investors, a ground-up breakdown of the deals are broken down to said suitable investors, so the investor has a full understanding of how the investment is done and how returns will be achieved.

The minimum investment is two million ZAR (R2 million)


FX and indices:
In the financial markets, we trade primarily the currency, indices and commodities markets. with our strict risk management approach and balanced risk placement to market participation, we provide an edge with our unique in-house trading strategies. We also partake in algorithmic trading such as hedging and quant trading but our primary fund is comprised of discretionary traders and fund managers that have an edge attained from trading the markets for several profitable years. With that being said we use algo trading as a means to balance our risk in the markets but is not our primary form of returns but they do generate a steady and sure trading method to attain returns over a longer period.

Minimum investments start from $5000 USD and above.


With regulation nearing in the crypto markets, we at ARC shall be looking into using crypto’s as potential digital assets. As crypto is a relatively new industry we at ARC are only looking at crypto as digital assets as a means of storing value and with only certain crypto’s being eyed for potential longer-term investments, we firmly believe a bigger and brighter change shall be happening in converting normal currencies into digital currencies and understanding cryptos will be key in how that unfolds.

Minimum crypto investments start at $5000 USD and above.


All information regarding ARC products and services can be found on our website at www.arc-markets.com

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