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Astronaut Edition: A Range Rover truly out of this world.

After 5 years of partnership, Land Rover and Virgin Galactic unveiled a truly special and unique edition of Range Rover… Named “Astronaut Edition”, this car is super-exclusive. Indeed, it will be only available to Virgin Galactic‘s 700 first space tourists – 200 000 euros their tickets.

A unique Range Rover

Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) took care of the creation of this “UFO” car. Its architecture and equipments are based on the Range Rover Autobiography. Outside, a Blue “Zero Gravity”, inspired by the deep colours of the night’s sky, decorates the car.

Note that Astronaut Edition‘s exteriors adopt Unity ship – Virgin Galactic‘s space vehicle – shaped badges. The same symbol is projected on the ground by door bottoms lights.

A cosmic interior

It’s truly inside that the Astronaut Edition stands out. The futur customers can ask that their initials are embroidered on the head restraint. Lower, some graphics of flying evolution embellish the seats and armrests. Decorated with a constellation, the dashboard and door handles are magnificent.

Nevertheless, the true characteristic of the Astronaut Edition is in its composition. Its cup holder has an aluminium based disks which are recycled from the first Unity ship landing gear. If he wants to, the customer may equip his Range Rover with a piece of “his” Unity vehicle.

The Astronaut Edition will be declined in two motorisations : a rechargeable hybrid (404 ch) or a V8 engine (525 ch). For now, the price has not been specified.


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