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Essentially the best accessory – it’s in the bag

New heights for South Africa Handbag Designer Adrian Furstenburg

When a stylist is left to chase his passion, what happens is pure genius meets fashion meets functionality. Since 2009 South African handbag designer, Adrian Furstenburg, has been delighting women, with his unique range of off the shelf and custom handbags. These handcrafted masterpieces are designed and manufactured, in Johannesburg, South Africa, using only the finest materials and subjected to Adrian’s perfectionist scrutiny. This has put Adrian at the forefront of South African design. The bags speak for themselves, each a unique expression of the owner’s personality and lifestyle.

Adrian, who has worked in both London and Paris, has a diploma in textile design, and consults to both local and international television and print media as a stylist. He released his first retail collection of handbags in 2016.

Adrian has made his name in South Africa by producing custom bags. These bags are a true made to measure experience that produces bags customized to each client, based on personality and function. This is a very rare service and one that provides ladies with complete satisfaction.



2016 saw Adrian gain some huge international attention as he was named a finalist for the 10th annual Independent Handbag Designer Awards held in New York City June 2016. Founded in 2007, the Independent Handbag Designer Awards (IDHA) by Handbag Designer 101 was created to celebrate handbag design and creativity from the United States and around the world. Now in its tenth year, it is an industry staple and is the only international design competition to discover, recognize and create brand awareness for independent handbag designers.

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Adrian was nominated in the category – Guess All about the Logo.

When asked about his inspiration for the design Adrian had the following to say:  “I used the shape of the logo which inspired the triangular stripe detail in the all American red and blue stripes on the bag. The vibe is not exactly nautical but it does have a typically 90s or even 70s retro element to it.

“Imagine someone like Claudia Schiffer with a bag like this taking a trip on a speedboat with her lover in Miami lakes. I love building narrative around what I do – it’s the stylist in me!”

To find out more about Adrian kindly follow the following links:

Website: http://adrianfurstenburg.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/adrian-furstenburg-the-company-114247018619702

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adrianfurstenburg/


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