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French Couture for the Younger Generation reaches African shores.

Fashion and luxury have long been intertwined; this relationship celebrates the link between luxury and the arts. Sadly fashion is often seen only for adults, ignoring more than 60% of the population, still in their formative years. SergentMajor, is a unique fashion house that caters only for this young generation. Based in Paris, France, the brand has been expanding their reach across the globe. The iconic new Mall of Africa in South Africa is the location of their very first African store andAfrican families have been delighted by this arrival, giving them the chance to adorn their children in true luxury fashion.

Sergent Major Couture lines are created in their Paris atelier specifically for children from birth to age 11. The clothing not only follows international fashion trend, but has a very special feature to set them apart. Every collection for each age group and gender is based on an original story. This combination of two creative disciplinesturn every outfit change into a new adventure. Every range has been developed not only to please the eyes, but through the use of specialised materials the clothing is tough enough to cope with even the most spirited children.

It is with some very ingenious considerations that, Sergent Major Stores are designed to accommodate both parent and child alike. Staff not only assist shopping moms and dads, but more importantly engage the children with stories to go along with the clothes they soon will be wearing. It is these small and personalised differences that set this brand apart from the regular premier children’s clothing lines and puts Sergent Major in the league of luxury clothing designers.

This concept is one that surely fills the gap for quality, trendy and functional clothing that African families have long been waiting for.  Africa welcomes Sergent Major and their team. We look forward to watching this brand expand right across the continent.

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