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Happy Sport Two new interpretations celebrate the 25th anniversary of an iconic timepiece

For 25 years, the Happy Sport collection has been infusing the watchmaking world with its irresistibly light fragrance and free-spirited attitude. Generating a perpetually renewed sense of wonderment, it reinvents itself without losing any of its casual chic appearance reflecting the desires of the woman who created it, Caroline Scheufele. Chopard unveils two new models, enlivened by the famous dancing diamonds. Inspired by snowy winters and the architectural splendour of Venice “La Serenissima”, two of the Maison’s favourite themes, this delightful pair of creations is accompanied by a matching collection of precious and joyful jewellery.

Everlasting snows

The intensely moving beauty of nature – particularly when attired in white – has consistently represented an inexhaustible source of inspiration for Chopard. An ode to the magic of winter, the Happy Snowflakes brings a touch of eternity to the ephemeral crystals fallen from the sky. Appearing in various shapes and sizes crafted by the artisans of the Maison, they are sprinkled across the dial made of textured blue mother-of-pearl, a natural material with a soft and fluffy appearance, or nestle gently on the watch crystal. The entirely diamond-set bezel topping the stainless steel case sparkles like sun-dappled snow. This unique radiance is enhanced by the joyful waltz of dancing diamonds and by the adorable dancing snowflake at its heart. To create an even more dazzling effect, Chopard teams this poetic timepiece with an 18ct white gold bangle. On either end of this bracelet, a tiny heart – Chopard’s iconic signature – and a circle face each other in a graceful pas de deux. The former houses a dancing diamond, while the latter encircles a dainty flake also whirling in the same dance. Brimming with joy and fresh charm, these creations designed to be worn separately or stacked reveal a femininity that is all about elegance and a free-spirited approach to life.

Reaching for the sun, moon and stars

Venice, the ultimate romantic destination, is a favourite Chopard theme. The Maison, which lives in step with the passion for cinema cultivated by its co-president and artistic director Caroline Scheufele, participates in each annual addition of the famous Mostra del Cinema, the world’s oldest film festival. Inspired by the floating city, the watchmaker-jeweller has devoted several creations to this iconic location. The stainless steel Happy Stars watch reveals a new facet of “La Serenissima” through an imaginary world pervaded by sense of reverie and mystery. Paying tribute to the beating heart of Venice, St. Mark’s Square, this new timepiece evokes the famous clock tower that has overlooked the square since the 15th century. From the deep blue shade of the guilloché dial to that of the leather strap, along with the sparkling stars gliding like gondolas between two sapphire crystals, every detail of this watch recalls the emblematic decor of the monument and carries the observer away on the canals winding through the town. Whirling between two sapphire crystals, diamond-set 18ct white gold dancing stars and a dancing moon enliven the dial of the Happy Stars, along with a laughing 18ct rose gold sun also clearly revelling in its freedom. A charming matching pendant features the same dancing motifs adorning a diamond-set 18ct white gold medallion.  A fascinating reproduction of the heavens that appears to be infinitely reflected in the shimmering inky blue waters of the Grand Canal.

Happy Sport, a collector’s watch

A variation on the famous Happy Diamonds theme, the Happy Sport concept was born in 1993 from the visionary intuition of Chopard’s co-president and artistic director, Caroline Scheufele. Boldly associating the nobility of diamonds with the sporting nature of stainless steel, Happy Sport is the ultimate expression of joie de vivre and modernity. It is a symbol radiating a joyful mood while also overturning our relationship with time, since one observes the dial as much to tell the time as to admire the dance of the diamonds twirling tirelessly inside it and enthusiastically keeping step with the exciting pace of daily life. Since its creation, the Happy Sport line has been constantly reinvented in accordance with evolution in style and society. It has appeared in over one thousand versions and has thus become the first ladies’ collector’s watch. This abundance of models vividly mirrors Chopard’s creative generosity.

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