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Let’s aim for sustainable, GDP-boosting luxury in 2018

In a world where disposable, mass-produced goods of dubious quality are wreaking havoc on the environment, there is a growing place for luxury goods that don’t need to be constantly repurchased because of their unfortunate build quality.

While we’re all familiar with common sense sayings such as ‘penny wise, pound foolish’, we can’t help being enticed by a plastic-based bargain that fails the usage test almost as soon as it is unwrapped. There are few more disappointing consumer experiences than a substandard product that sheds its shine in a flash, leaving Mother Nature to deal with the remnants.

Africa does not have to be a dumping destination. She continues to find her feet as the bright continent and is increasingly able to provide more of us with a better future. With the numbers of high net wealth individuals on the rise here, and with luxury goods and services occupying growing slices of production, it’s time Africa banished bad quality. With South Africa alone home to over 40,000 US dollar millionaires, surely Africa as a continent can afford to be more discerning?

Luxury leaves a legacy

While some might argue that scarce resources are better spent on boosting growth for the many, not pushing glamping for the few, the production and use of luxury goods has a little-considered positive impact on individual human beings in that it allows human creativity to flourish.

The craftsperson expresses herself in her work and the uplifting effect on the purchaser’s spirit is difficult to quantify, but easy to imagine. Much of human history has been occupied by people producing beautiful things that we still have the opportunity to admire today because they were so well built. Luxury leaves a legacy and wonderfully impacts our humanity.

By Grace Mumo – Managing Director Luxury Media Africa

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