Love and Jewels, a match so true to Africa. One who has an acute & detail understanding of this is Jenna Clifford, who most recently expressed this in a TANZANITE COLLECTION, a clear reflection of that notion.

Luxury Media Africa had the grand honour to host the reveal of TANZANITE collection and exclusive piece, custom created for Celine Dion, also an artist of romance and the power of love. Besides the beautiful jewels, so beautifully matched, here are 2 remarkable people who meet in adoration an African prized possession, representing wisdom, positivity, found only on the foot of Mount Kilamanjaro. What a beautiful omen for this month of love, where Wisdom is an ever-present need in young and mature romance building up to rock solid love.

The preview formed an intimate luxury lap at Jenna Clifford Studio in Morningside. The effortless and ready display of the Jaguar’s F-Type and Land Rover’s Range Rover Autobiography on arrival lets one know that the journey to the grand reveal of the collection is one for the curious and young at heart. Upon arrival to the preview of this collection, one is prepared to gear up & settle for nothing but the best in luxury. Suited choices with the cars to serve for the most discerning expectations, offering different moods & feels, with one feeling being central to both vehicles: Freedom.

A matching aesthetic treatment for the young at heart was filled by Fillerina and Cresina with education on how to match a youthful heart with simple & non-surgical wrinkle treatments for different grades of aging. With a non-needle applicator, like love it shouldn’t hurt. The store is soon to launch in South Africa.

Luxury Media Africa’s mission is to continue to showcase Africa’s Best to the world’s class. The marriage of the multi-brand preview was paired with great wine from Taillard, which we can always rely on to enrich any experience with a glass or two, so fit for any luxurious adventure.

This event was curated by Luxury Media Africa & Jage Bluestar.

For more details on the products email info@luxurymediaafrica.com

Piece by Thato Choma for Luxury Media Africa

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