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Luxury Media Africa and Operation Hunger partner on Feed A Child campaign

Luxury Media Africa the luxury digital platform in Africa has partnered with non-profit organisation Operation Hunger www.operationhunger.org on the latter’s “Feed A Child” campaign.

The campaign aims to highlight malnutrition in South Africa where 11 million South Africans go to bed hungry every day. This is also the biggest contributor of childhood illness and death. It costs R50 to feed a child for a month and through this campaign and similar future initiatives, we hope to hope to partner with Operation Hunger in curbing child hunger. Luxury Media Africa will donate a percentage of sales from each client towards the campaign.

“We rally behind Operation Hunger’s mission to combat malnutrition which, when suffered by children, undermines the nation’s health, education and economic potential. Our children are the future and we know a well-fed child is likely to remain focused and committed in school and will go on to develop into an adult that can positively contribute to society. Giving children an opportunity to excel and become better in what they do is guaranteed to be a foundation that breeds the future leaders of tomorrow”, says Grace Mumo, Executive Director of Luxury Media Africa.

“We believe that the change we want to see in Africa begins with each one of us and brands need to share their wallet with partners who are positively impacting their communities”, Grace adds.

Operation Hunger’s CEO, Minnie Okwirry confirmed there is a fundamental need to continue to drive awareness of the actual scrounge of malnutrition and poverty. About 53% of children under six live in poor households. The vast majority of these children live in rural areas. These children need a nutritional meal to get through to the next day. We believe this partnership will help motivate brands to look into collaborations that are meaningful and have a positive impact through their contributions.

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