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New Patek Philippe ladies’ Twenty~4 Automatic dedicated to Active lifestyles

Then as in now, the new Patek Philippe ladies’ Twenty~4 Automatic marks a successful milestone in feminine finesse, catering to the needs of modern women.

Pursuing mercurial personalities and hearts of whimsy are precarious endeavours and yet, Patek Philippe has a long history of catering to the exquisite creatures we call women. Today, at a 500 m2 glass pavilion spanning  built in the courtyard of the Palazzo Sebelloni, Patek Philippe launched their latest enterprise – a new ladies’ Twenty~4 Automatic designed for practical splendour, dedicated to active lifestyles.

Patek Philippe’s two centuries of watchmaking for women has unearthed an archive brimming with artistic and horological mastery, from precious enamel work to exquisite gemstone settings and engravings, every story in the brand’s long history has catered to the creation women’s watches as treasures. But what if, like Queen Victoria’s pioneering attraction to Patek Philippe’s keyless winding watches at the 1851 Great Exhibition in London, prompts a deeper inclination for an attraction to not just watches decorated with diamonds and feminine floral motifs but deeply elegant yet sublimely functional ladies’ watches? One surmises that what results, after over 150 years is the latest Patek Philippe Twenty~4 Automatic.

Patek Philippe, 7300_1200R_010

Appearing in the 1870s, Patek Philippe debuted a new generation of ladies’ wristwatches, no longer mere adaptations of pendant watches simple bracelet attachments, instead the new ladies watches were specifically created for women with particularly challenging and active lifestyles like that of the progressive Comtesse Koscowicz of Hungary. Then as in now, the new Patek Philippe ladies’ Twenty~4 Automatic marks a successful milestone in elegance and feminine finesse launched against the backdrop of Milan, the Italian metropolis of culture, fashion, and design.

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Backed by an international campaign targeted to the 30 – 40 year old bracket and similar to the Leagas Delaney agency’s “Generations” campaign, the latest Patek Philippe women’s watch is portrayed as a sophisticated companion which accompanies the lifestyles of modern women. As any worthy partner, it is a marriage of equals, deep-rooted traditions backed by a sophisticated elegance, the latest Twenty~4 Automatic stands out as an impeccable if uncomplicated women’s watch, created to cater, as Patek Philippe has always, to women watch enthusiasts who prefer distinctive timepieces with mechanical movements.

Shot in Rome, Dutch photographer and cineast Anton Corbijn captures the Twenty~4 woman in a myriad of situations and events where she shines with great aplomb, class and composure, the very essence of Patek Philippe’s latest Twenty~4 Automatic. Available in round cases of stainless steel or rose gold, adorned with diamonds, and with sunburst decorated dials of various colours, the most delectable of those rendered in chocolate and a deep blue, the rich tradition of Patek Philippe ladies’ timepieces was distilled into a potent cocktail of transcendent refinement: Typically, a woman’s watch is either dressy or if the situation called for it, sporty. Somehow, Patek Philippe has rendered the new ladies’ Twenty~4 automatic a  paramount accessory catering equally to both endeavors

Tellingly, rather than presented at Baselworld, the new Twenty~4 Automatic was launched independently at surrounds matching its style and gracefulness, emphasising the significance of the ladies’ watch segment and of women as customers at Patek Philippe – as well as of the new self-winding ladies’ watch that responds to all expectations of modern women.

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