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Ethiopia Kuriftu-Lodge-770x521

The 5 best luxury hotels in Ethiopia

Both tourism and economic development is rife in Ethiopia. It’s attracting a lot of affluent tourism, which is why the luxury hotel market is quickly on the rise. There is unique wildlife, culture and landscapes to be enjoyed in all of Africa, but Ethiopia is incredibly safe compared to most …

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Ferrari is launching an SUV in 2022 and here are the technical details

Ferrari’s upcoming sporty SUV is expected to hit the market in 2022 and we are getting more details on the Lamborghini-Urus-rival with the iconic Italian automaker stepping up the development work. In an interview with AutoCar, Ferrari’s chief technical officer Michael Leiters revealed some interesting information on the high-riding Ferrari being developed under the …

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Timepiece Main Cover

Do you know the difference between a Timepiece and a Watch?

Perhaps it’s about time we got to know the right terms and language of use when talking about luxury fashion accessories. Today we have such amazing insight to share with you on the difference between Timepieces and Watches and how they both compare? Do you will think a time-keeping accessory …

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Africa’s Tallest Building will Feature a 3-Floor Penthouse

Africa’s tallest building is set to open next month as its developers seek to cash in on security fears and traffic jams by building a high-rise residential and retail complex in the heart of Johannesburg’s financial district. The Leonardo, Johannesburg. Image Courtesy: Architect The Leonardo is a 234-meter (768-foot) skyscraper within …

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New Merc CLS 400 D Coupe Purrs in the Benz

A FOUR-DOOR LUXURY COUPE WITH ONE OF THE FINEST DIESEL ENGINES OF OUR TIME When I last swung the latest Mercedes-Benz around a few orange cones at its racetrack launch I bemoaned how its curvaceous shape ultimately had no business hunting for apexes on the corners of any racetrack. That …

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Barbados: Caribbean Living Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This

Where temps don’t dare dip below 70 and the locals are equally as warm, Barbados is the epitome of carefree Caribbean living. The West Indies island claims 60 miles of pristine shoreline and calm, turquoise waters. It’s no wonder the leeward side has been hailed the “Platinum Coast.” Saint Peter’s …

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Upgrade Yourself: 10 Luxury Sneakers

The high-fashion-meets-street wear wave is at a high tide right now, and the current abundance of Luxury Sneakers on both the runways and streets is evidence of this trend. While there have been footwear brands founded foremost on the luxury sneaker — ranging from the minimalist classic Common Projects to the more …

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Maserati & Bvlgari: The New Octo Timepieces

Watchmakers are wild about cars—that’s hardly news. Simply look to the myriad partnerships between luxury timepiece brands and their counterparts in the automotive world to understand their shared fascination with precision, craftsmanship, mechanical engineering, and timing. Few watch-car marriages, however, are as well-suited as the one that unites Bulgari and Maserati, two quintessentially Italian brands whose five-year collaboration …

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These 3 Reasons are What Makes a Porsche a True Luxury Car

Porsche, a luxury car? It might seem like an odd choice to choose a brand that is widely considered to make some of the best sports cars in the world a maker of luxury automobiles, but it’s not as far-fetched as it seems. Porsche’s sports cars have always been more refined and …

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