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Mont Rochelle Hotel & Vineyard in South Africa

Nestled in the heart of South Africa, Sir Richard Branson’s Mont Rochelle Hotel & Vineyard is an intimate and luxurious retreat, perfect to escape the busy life and relax in a breathtaking scenery. A RELAXING AND LUXURIOUS RETREAT Located an hour away from Cape Town, in an area internationally renowned for its winelands and …

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4 Ways to Incorporate African Style into Modern Interiors

As the seasons change thoughts often turn to a new look or refreshing an existing one. To help you on your way here are some tips on how to incorporate African Style into modern interiors… With Season changes thoughts turn to how to refresh your interior in preparation for the …

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The Maison unveils its selection of original creations for Valentine’s Day

Through everything that the Maison creates and embodies, Chopard infuses the act of giving with authentic grandeur and nobility: gifts become links conveying emotions and shared values. Valentine’s Day provides the watchmaker-jeweller with a renewed opportunity to express its creative genius and its alchemist’s touch. By transforming matter into precious …

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Spice Island – Zanzibar

The beauty of Zanzibar lies in its dramatically differing scenery – from bustling Stone Town, with its tumbledown buildings, fascinating history and working marina; to the secluded west coast with its rugged coastline and rocky beaches; and on to the south-east, where the sand is white and fine and the …

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Christmas in Africa

Christmas on the African continent is festive, colourful and loud! Everyone counts down to the end of the year, when all their pent-up party mood is released. This is unarguably the most popular holiday in all of Africa, and Christians – who are the originators of Christmas – are not …

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Top 10 honeymoon destinations for 2019

From the lava fields of Iceland to the desert plains of Chile, we pick the world’s most romantic places to start married life in style Over time, our approach to honeymoon destinations has evolved as much as our views on marriage itself. Where once you were lucky to get a single night …

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FUMEX, The Majesty of the Chessboard

Sensational, inimitable, majestic are adjectives that could easily describe the goldsmith work of the family company FUMEX which, wishing to bring an artistic dimension to its know-how, decided in 2009 to make the chessboard a real luxury jewel. “THE KING OF STRATEGY GAMES ADOPTS A NEW FACE” Unique objects in the world, the FUMEX chess boards …

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Top Destinations in Africa for Christmas

Every year at Christmas time thousands of tourists fly to various countries in Africa to have their exotic and relaxing holidays. Christmas in Africa is a time of outdoor fun, due to the warm summer weather. Moreover, tourists to Africa during this time will observe the magnificent scenery whether it’s …

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