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REC Watches – The story

Petrolheads and watch lovers to the core, a trait shared by most of the international distributors, the founders of REC Watches decided to incorporate the two serious passions – with a twist.

Every watch tells a story

Every single REC timepiece incorporates salvaged and recycled parts from iconic vehicles or aircraft that are beyond repair. A concept we named RECover, RECycle, REClaim – or just REC for short.

Due to the variations of patina in the recycled dials, all our watches are visibly unique, has its own story to tell and features design references to the car or aircraft from which it was partly made.

We’ve put our hearts, souls and more work than we care to think about into these collections striving to hit a perfect blend of distinctive designs, subtle references, handmade premium components and truly one-of-a-kind storytelling!

A truly unique concept

There are numerous wrist watch manufacturers that provides a model for the car lover, or pilot, or aviation lover. None, though, combines recycled components of the original. In addition to these RECycled, RECovered, REClaimed components, each timepiece features specific design elements from the original.

The P51 Collection, made from recycled Mustangs, for instance has a power reserve meter that mimics the look of the original car’s fuel gauge, and the 901 Collection, made from recycled Porsche 911’s, has the iconic Fuchs wheel design on the reverse of the watch.


We identify and recover salvaged icons from all over the world, tracking its origin and previous owners to tell the story.

Each individual model is born with a story – 30-60 years old, and REC tells this story.


The components of the salvaged icon are recycled to the best extent, preserving as much of the patina as possible.

The salvage process is done by hand, and this hand-worked process is what makes the pieces of metal special, showing scratch marks, or spots that cannot be replicated.

This delivers a visually unique piece of art- no two watches are identical.


The recycled components are repurposed as components in a brand new and utterly uncommon timepiece, honouring the original design.

Built to last a lifetime –REC Watches are made using only the highest-grade components.


A new watch is born

The process of selecting what to make is left to the REC clientele and supporters, as well as the general public. A few icons are chosen and is handed over to voting. The icon with the most votes wins.

The design is done by a renowned Swiss design house, and after much deliberation, specific design elements are chosen and incorporated into the final design.

Pre-production units are then made for evaluation purposes. Only once this has satisfied the harshest critics, is production given the go-ahead. Components used are some of the best in the watch making world and are chosen for their quality and reliability. Every watch is quality checked to make sure that the new owner of the time piece will enjoy it to the full.

REC Watches, truly unique. True passion, true petrolheads and saving the environment by recycling.


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