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Many whiskies come and go but Isabella’s Islay stands alone as by far the most elite whisky in the world. Recently celebrating being available for over five years to the most discerning clientele, Isabella’s surveys all and sees no competition to it’s crown.

The exclusive Isabella’s Islay Original being available at the price of US$5,200,000, the most expensive whisky in the world.

Isabella’s Islay is much more than a luxury product; it is an experience for all five senses – available to a privileged few. Combined with an astonishing diamond and ruby decanter, this unique object marries the age-old art of whisky making with the skills of some of the best master jewellers in the world.

Produced in the United Kingdom, the Decanter has a capacity of 700ml of sheer decadence.


The prestigious Decanters come in two iterations;

The Original Decanter is made of three layers, firstly produced by hand a beautiful English crystal Decanter as the base, then added is gold to cover the Decanter at which point the master jeweller’s add over five thousand Diamonds to the surface of the Original’s stunning Decanter.

Also there is the Special Edition which is made from hand crafted English Crystal Decanter, the pinnacle of the neck of the Decanter is covered in gold and diamonds and then the Decanter is almost fully covered in 18ct white gold but then the neck of the crystal is left free of gold to show the unique inspired crystal design.

The moment of savouring the wonderful whisky is elevated by the look and feel of the exquisite decanter and its bejewelled excellence.


Rich, complex and balanced, the Isabella’s Islay Single Malt Whisky is the product of the fertile fields of Islay, the mystical Island of Scotland, world famous for its unique whisky style, taste and signature aroma. After over forty years of ageing, the whisky is carefully bottled with the utmost respect to create an exceptional Dram. For now the only way you can get more of this whisky is by getting the Decanter first, but we’re guessing someday the demand might be too high for it for the brand to resist selling it on it’s own.


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