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Why do I do it

“If I had a Dollar for every time someone has told me that I’m living the dream… You know, having the guts to leave a corporate job behind and just do what your heart tells you.  Easy in theory, a whole other world in practice. In the end it is a job, a job with high stress levels, a job with more lows than it’s promised, but oh, the highs, the highs are why I stay.

Every now and again I get the LinkedIn reminder of all the jobs out there waiting for me.  Promising challenges, and money. I do miss the money – one would be stupid not to, but, I don’t regret for a moment the challenge I chose. Why?  Because at least once a week I get a request out of the blue. A request for the story, for the wine we created with a simple goal in mind – to unite, to bring the beautiful people of the world together.


I get it from people across the globe, literally. The latest from a gentleman in Florida USA who wanted to give his bride a token from home on their wedding day. And he chose our wines to do so. That is why I do this. It’s for the moments when someone looks you in the eyes (or the website) and share the connection you aim to create, the moment we get it, just get it, and are able to clink our glasses and share a precious moment in time.

It’s about following your dream, about fostering people, about believing in your vision, and then to just live it, without fear or prejudice… (Please tell me you believed it, because I’m still scared sometimes).

But the real heroes in the story is the people who believe. They believe in me, in the vision and they are prepared to defend it.  The stand by me every day, and it is those people who I salute and thank every single day.  They defend, protect and foster the dream my dad started, without prejudice.  Thank you Henriette, Morne, Tanya, (and Dad).

By Anelise Taljaard of Taillard Wines

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