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Lardiere Launches Fine Food Studio

Spring brings with it new beginnings and with the dawn of the season Lardiere celebrates the launch of its Fine Food Studio, a state of the art facility for the production of the Lardiere product range.

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Chef JunelleGermishuizen, the founder of Lardiere Fine Foods, emphasizes attention to detail throughout the production process and is uncompromising in her use of the best quality ingredients.

“Lardiere artisanal room treats are an expression of reconnecting with the senses. From the moment you notice our hand-crafted treat nestled on the pillow, you will be captivated by the visually stunning presentation of the product,” she passionately comments on her product.

Originally started as an online supplier of fine local ingredients to eager cooks around South Africa, Lardiere has blossomed through the mentorship of PavloPhitidis, CEO of Aurik Business Accelerator. As a result of this process, Lardiere has captured the hearts of the high-end boutique hotels across South Africa with its delectable and exquisite range of Room Treats, and this is now a core focus of the business.

“She has moved into the hotel and hospitality industry with grace and some of the finest products ever, the way she adapted her business approach is typical of a great entrepreneur,” says Phitidis.

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Owing to Chef Junelle’s passion for food trends and new taste sensations, customers are welcomed into a collaborative creative process around the product range fit for their establishment. That is why The Fine Food Studio has an open door policy for new and established customers alike to come in, co-create and witness the perfection of the production process from start to finish.

Lardiere Room Treats are small batch produced and made to order, with their freshness being preserved through a 100% natural packaging process.

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For more information: Visit: www.lardierefinefoods.com  Email: info@lardierefinefoods.com

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