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The Private Suite Delivers Pre-Flight Bliss Via Exclusive Airport Terminal

“Champagne, please.”

If this is your response to the flight attendant’s beverage request, know this: you deserve those bubbles. Why? Because you made it. And regardless of the details of your home-to-airplane process, it did involve some unavoidable feats: traffic, security lines, plenty of strangers and zero privacy.

A new concept, however, aims to rid your airport experience of those less-than-enjoyable moments. The Private Suite is reinventing the traditional check-in routine by offering an intimate and rather peaceful alternative. What begins with an exclusive LAX terminal entrance ends with a chauffeured drive across the tarmac. This journey typically requires more than 2,000 footsteps to get from car seat to plane seat, but now takes only 70.


So, how does it work? A newly-built, private terminal at LAX, The Private Suite sits far from traffic that surrounds the airport. Upon booking, eight team members are assigned to each guest. This dedicated team orchestrates a complicated process behind-the-scenes to guarantee a speedy and stress-free experience for passengers.

Upon arrival, guests enter the company’s designated gate. After being escorted to a spacious, private suite, travelers spend pre-flight time with top-notch amenities. Each suite is complete with a food-service pantry, two-person daybed, personal restroom and runway views of aircraft landing and taking off.

Throughout the waiting period, concierge manages special requests to further ensure comfortability. Official members have access to perks such as complimentary in-suite meals, in-suite massages, manicures, haircuts, children’s toys, use of Members’ Shower Spa, parking and detailing for personal car, use of Members’ Conference Room and video-conference studio.

With a private TSA screening station right inside the gate, guests avoid long lines while still receiving a thorough security check. Baggage is handled by a team member and promptly delivered to the loading dock and when it’s time to board, members are driven across the tarmac, Head-of-State style, directly to the aircraft.


Though it seems like a service created primarily for private jet passengers, the company prides itself in catering to all commercial airline passengers. Open to both members and non-members, fees are slightly adjusted depending on membership level, as well as domestic and international departure. In addition, the company announced a partnership with American Airlines, where the airline’s Elite members have access to these exclusive services for a small fee. The Private Suite is only available at LAX for now, but the brand does have plans to expand its services to other high-traffic airports in the United States soon. For details on membership, click here.

With a little help from your friends at The Private Suite, along with a relaxing pre-flight moment, LAX could become your new sanctuary. In that case, you can enjoy your champagne long before you board the plane. They insist.


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