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The Royal Palm Marrakech : extraordinarily true

Set in the midst of an age-old olive grove, on a patch of ochre-coloured land lying in the shadow of the snow-capped peaks of the Atlas Mountains and only 12km away from the bustling city of Marrakech, the Domaine Royal Palm Marrakech is an exclusive retreat combining residential style living with hospitality and golf.


Marrakech… Three powerful syllables that recall the sound of a Darbouka drum while beckoning to a journey of discovery – only 3 hours away from the major European cities!

Sitting in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, Marrakech is certainly the promise of a wonderful escape.

What is striking from the moment you walk through the imposing lobby of the Royal Palm Marrakech is the sumptuous, fairytale-like décor – a real change of scenery. While the Oriental blue, subdued lighting and serenity of the place bring a certain kind of magic, the warm welcome imbued with innate simplicity and grace provides a particularly pleasant sensation of feeling at home.

The architect, Jean-François Adam, teaming up with the interior designer, Marilin Sparato, has successfully met the challenge of offering stunning views of dramatic landscapes while preserving the centuries-old nature and culture.

The pure and linear design grasps the essence of Moroccan tradition. The slick and dynamic combination of horizontal and vertical lines further enhances the depth of the sky and endless panoramic views.

Architecture and nature come together in their purest form, one as an extension of the other; they are ever present. Here, time has come to a standstill. No need to choose between pleasure and relaxation, between quiet and escape.

Experience the feeling of staying at your most beautiful house while getting an ever-renewed feeling of change of scenery: whether you enjoy your stay depends greatly on the alchemy between architecture and nature.

With living spaces ranging between 72m2 and 310m2, the suites are an invitation to spend time with the family or enjoy true moments of relaxation in an intimate setting. Each of them also offers unique and privileged views of the Atlas Mountains.

A true reflection of Morocco itself, at the crossroads of ages, the furniture and decoration combine traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design for the pleasure of the eyes and well-being of the body.

The Presidential Suite will bring you a few steps closer to heavenly bliss with two suites on either side of the lounge room, a central fireplace and a wonderful terrace that unfolds like a carpet at the foot of the mountains.

Providing total privacy, the 10 Princes Villas are 741m2 in size with 2 bedrooms and ensuite bathrooms, as well as a swimming pool, a landscaped garden and a hammam.


Like the Royal Palm in Mauritius, Royal Palm Marrakech has chosen Clarins, a leading brand in beauty and cosmetics as a partner for its spa. Designed to resemble a Moroccan palace dedicated to well-being and beauty, the Clarins spa consists of different areas where specific treatments are tailored to address different needs.

The expert hands of trained therapists offer guests a wellness escape with a large selection of ‘by Clarins’ treatments: signature massages such as the ‘Supreme Rose Massage’ or Moroccan rituals using custom-made products blending Moroccan and Mauritian essential oils for a unique sensorial experience.

This 3,500m2 haven of well-being features various areas with 8 single suites, 4 double suites including two with balneotherapy, 2 double suites with affusion massage, a jet shower and a hammam. Other facilities and services include a yoga room, a relaxation area, a swimming pool with a juice bar, a hairdressing salon, a pedicure room, a barbershop and a nail bar.

No doubt about it : Royal Palm Marrakech is Morocco’s latest word in luxury.

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